Sailing School – Start Sailing 1 and 2

Discover Sailing Courses offer a structured way to learn to sail for people new to the sport, or having basic skills that they wish to develop. You can register for GLYC’s Sailing School with no prior sailing experience, or you may have already had an opportunity to get out on the water through participating in Discover Sailing Day, the Tackers program or last year’s Sailing School. Everyone is welcome!

In 2016/17, GLYC’s Sailing School – Start Sailing program will:

  • Offer learn to sail training for relatively unexperienced juniors and teens (8-15 years)
  • Cover the Start Sailing 1 and 2 syllabus including Preparation, Boats and Equipment, Ropework, Safety and Emergencies, Skills and Techniques, Sailing Theory and Weather and the Environment.
  • Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2 will run in parallel, and which stream will depend on the prior experience of the student.
  • There will be 7 x 3 hour (nominal) sessions, commencing on Sunday 6 November 2016
  • Sessions will run each Sunday morning from 9am to 12noon, including preparation and clean-up time.
  • The cost of the course will be:
    • $165 for first year sailing school students (includes Discover Sailing Pack)
    • $125 for returning second year students (includes GLYC cap). Discounts are available for existing GLYC members. This fee is primarily just to cover the costs incurred by the Club in running these courses, all time input is voluntary.

Registration for Sailing School’s Start Sailing program will be held in conjunction with our Discover Sailing Day on Sunday 23 October 2016. Students can be signed up from 10am. For those keen to do so, there will also be an opportunity to go out for a sail with one of our club members.